Lampe Challenge - an invitational tournament in Stockholm.
The 18:th edition of Lampe Challenge will be arranged 24-26 May 2024

Teams from Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Poland, The Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Iceland and China has participated during the years.

Hammarby Basket is proud to arrange Lampe Challenge for the 18:th time.
The tournament has the name "Lampe Challenge" for two main reasons:
- Maciej Lampe, the first player raised in Sweden drafted for the NBA, is the protector of the tournament. Maciej Lampe played for Polisen/Hammarby in the start of his career.
- "Challenge" because it is an invitational tournament where Hammarby Basket invites teams from various countries.

Lampe Challenge is an international tournament with some of the best teams from the nordic countries, Europe and around the Baltic sea.

Our aim is to show Stockholm/Farsta at its very best and our ambition is to make this tournament into a great experience for players, coaches, referees, officials and anyone who wants to come and watch great basketball performed by the big stars of tomorrow.

"Youth Basketball - for those who demand entertainment!"

Agegroups 2024: Boys/Girls U19, U16, U15, U14, U13 and U12
You can aply of beeing a part of Lampe Challenge 2024, please send a request to joakim.samuelsson@hammarbybasket.se


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