Important regulations for those teams who live in Hökarängsskolan or Gubbängsskolan during the tournament.

On Friday, you will get your clasroom at the earliest 17.00

  • The leader is responsible for his/her team during the tournament
  • Doors into the school will be looked at 23.00
  • With respect for those team who have games early in the morning. Keep a low volume after 22.00
  • Do not touch school material in the classrooms or in the gyms. Do not write on the boards in the classrooms.
  • Chairs and benches can not be stored in the corridor.
  • Make sure that your team doesn´t leave any garbage in the classrooms or in the gyms.
  • If your team for any reason happens to break anything, then you as a leader are personally responsible for it. If anything against all expectations would break, notify the Lampe Challenge office immediately.
  • Smoking, and of course all sorts of drugs, are forbidden in classrooms and gyms.
  • You can´t bring nuts or candy with nuts into the school building
  • If you hear the sound of the fire alarm. Leave the building immediately!
  • Hammarby Basket is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Dribbling is only allowed in the gyms.
  • Do not leave valuables in the classrooms or locker rooms. Larger amount of money and other valuables can be kept in the Lampe Challenge office for a small deposit.
  • On Sunday morning, tidy up and clean the room, put furniture’s back in their proper places and have an approval by the School crew at the latest 12:00. If this is not accomplished the team will be charged with a cleaning fee of 1000 SEK.
  • Important!!! Contact the crew in the school when you leave the classroom on Sunday morning.

The Crew must approve the status of the classroom before you leave!

Have a nice stay!

/Lampe Challenge Crew